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Nothing shows a prospective college that you’re worthy of top-tier admission like completing and acing the AP curriculum. With support from current US college students who have been admitted to top institutions, including the Ivy Leagues, you’ll be perfectly positioned to get accepted to your dream college.

Earn college credit

Achieving perfect or near-perfect scores in the AP examination makes students eligible to earn college credit or to skip introductory classes. Who doesn’t like a head start?

Expose yourself to unique subjects

The AP curriculum offers a variety of subjects, often ones that aren’t available in other curriculums. Expose yourself to new areas of study, such as computer science and psychology.

Strengthen your college application

Good scores in AP examinations shows you're capable of tackling college-level work and you're competent at studying independently. It also highlights your academic drive because of its challenging nature. An AP score of 5 shows you’re more knowledgeable in a subject than 80-90% of advanced students, which will carry favour with admissions officers immediately.

Challenge yourself

When you complete the AP with the support of an expert tutor, you’re more likely to earn higher final GPAs and graduate from college more quickly than your peers!

Get a taste of college-level work

The AP is a great way for you to bridge the transition between high school and college as the exams largely have advanced, college-level content.

A guiding mentor

With first-hand experience, your tutor can answer any and all questions. You’ll have a personal guide through the AP content, giving you experience in past exams, advice on study tactics and how to manage your schedule.

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